It’s time to put up your feet and kick back, as you contemplate what you have just completed…!


Gold. You’re in.

Congratulations again on knocking out an everesting.. amazing stuff! Keep an eye out on the Everesting Hall of Fame – you’ll be live there soon enough.

So you’ve smashed out your everesting. Tidy. You have now earned yourself a spot in the Hells 500 crew, signified by the ‘grey stripe‘. 

The grey stripe signifies Hells 500 riders who have lent their blood, sweat, and tears in completing an epic. When other riders see the grey stripe out on the road they know they are looking at one hard bastard.

By wrapping yourself in the grey stripe you’re supporting the crew that supports others – from getting new riders into the hills, supporting up and coming riders, to getting behind local cycling initiatives, and helping out those in need. You are now part of that community!

The grey stripe is ONLY ever available to those who have completed an epic. It does come with it’s own responsibilities as well – but more about that and info on how to order on the site.