You assisted us with feedback on what you’d like to see in a new-look Everesting hall of fame, now help us take the next step in building it for our community!

Through your small purchase of one of our new Everesting buffs you are helping to make the biggest single update to Everesting possible:

++ Completely new look hall of fame ++
++ Easily search for your activity ++
++ Each activity has it’s own ‘sharable’ landing page ++
++ Filter the hall of fame based on key criteria ++
++ Use the hall of fame to research your next attempt ++
Estimated project completion date: Late November 2017

***About the buff***

More than just a neck buff, you can wear it over your face to protect from the elements or on your head for an added layer of warmth.

These guys are so popular we see these pop up all over the world throughout the year.

One size fits all. Grab one here.