Hells 500 are the creators and custodians of the Everesting concept. It’s a fiendishly simple concept, and a fiendishly difficult challenge to complete. Pick any climb, anywhere in the world and ride or run repeat after grinding repeat until you have notched up 8,848m vert. In one activity. Complete the challenge to get your name in the Everesting Hall of Fame and earn the right to wear the grey stripe jersey. Anyone who sees that jersey out on the road will know they are looking at one hard rider. 

While The Rules are simple enough – there is no shortage to the ways this can be achieved. To celebrate this, each entry in the Everesting Hall of Fame showcases the numerous achievements

Everesting has people talking. See the coverage.

For repeat offenders we have the coveted SSSS which represents Everestings that are Significant, on Soil, Short and in a Suburban area. For more info see here.



HELLS 500 

…has always been at the sharp end of innovation and adventure. It’s this approach that keeps us interested, excited, and constantly seeking up.

It all started with a bunch of guys who liked riding in the hills. Too much.

We liked the fact that as hill riders we were on the fringe, so rather than race – we would set ourselves goals that no one else was doing. The pre-requisite for any challenge that we set was that it had to be tough. To qualify, it needed to be too difficult to just go out and ride it. We would spend months training up for each new epic – usually timed with the onset of spring. This meant that the crux of our training every year was undertaken in the cold, dark, and wet winters when everyone else would stay under the doona.

It was this approach that would eventually lead to the mark of the cloud emblazoned on every Hells 500 riders arm, and the grey stripe across their chest. It is a symbol that reminds others that while they are taking it easy over winter, that’s when we ride the most. Each challenge completed lead to another more difficult, as these things tend to do. Soon we were clipping in on a hellish 2-day 500km epic through the High Country, including 10,000m of climbing. It was all kinds of tough, and word travelled. We started to get introduced as “those Hells 500 guys”. It stuck. Hells 500 are not afraid of the odd epic. In fact, the more odd, the greater the appeal. 



This jersey signifies riders who have completed either an Everesting, or have notched up more than 10,000 vertical meters in a ride. Either way it’s bloody tough. They have put their blood, sweat, and tears into that sucka. When you see the Everesting jersey out on the road you know you are looking at one hard bastard. To check out the range of Everesting merchandise, visit the Everesting Store.