While The Rules are simple enough – pick a hill and repeat it until you climb the height of Everest – there is no shortage to the ways this can be achieved. To celebrate this, each entry in the Everesting Hall of Fame showcases the following achievements:


Be the first (either as an individual or in a group) to claim a new mountain, hill, or segment, and you’ll also be collecting a ‘First Known Ascent’ badge for your activity!


Climb the equivalent height of Mt Everest on foot in one activity, and on one hill and you’ll pick up the elusive ‘Run Everesting’ badge.


You’ll need to swing your leg over a trainer and jump on Zwift in order to collect the vEveresting badge. While it sounds simple in practice, you can trust us that it’s anything but!


This is most likely going to be the first badge you’ll add to your board. Complete the Everesting challenge (8,848m / 29,029ft) and we’ll assign this to your Hall of Fame profile.


Like the name suggests, you’re going to need to accumulate 17,696m (58,058ft) in a single activity. It’s a massive task, but one that is possible. Just.


The Triple Everesting badge is really only ever going to be pinned to a very, very select group of climbers. You’ll be climbing 26,544m (87,087ft) for this one.


The gap between 8,848m and 10,000m is far, far more than it looks on paper. Stretch for that additional vertical, and this badge is yours.


The ‘SSSS’ stands for the collection of 4 separate Everestings: Short, Significant, Soil, and Suburban – with at least one of the four being a climb of more than 10,000m. While there are some significant and short climbs available in Zwift, to hit the SSSS you’ll need to accumulate your badges outdoors.


To claim the Short ‘S’ you’re going to have to go steep. The total distance for this Everesting needs to be less than 200km. Pack a light gear, and start spinning!


To collect your Significant ‘S’ we need you to pick a climb that is iconic. Wherever you are in the world these exist, through local folklore, a favourite trainer, or a well-known hill.


As the name suggests, the Soil ‘S’ is going to require you to get dirty. We’ll be looking for an activity that takes place 100% away from paved roads.


The Suburban ‘S’ requires you to find a climb in a residential or urban area. Generally your suburban climbs tend to be shorter and punchier.