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The math is easy. The challenge isn't.

Whether you are planning a Basecamp, Everesting, or 10K+ ride, to complete the Everesting challenge you'll need to know how many repeats of your chosen climb you'll need to tick off. Simply enter your chosen Strava Segment or Strava Route below, and we'll assist with the rest.

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You can save calculations to compare between or refer to later. They'll be saved here for when you return.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The segment or route URL I entered doesn't work. Help!

Be sure you are entering the correct URL. It comes directly from the segment's leaderboard (KOM) page or segment overview page, not your activity page. It should look like this:

If entering a Strava route, make sure the route visibility set to "public", and the URL is from the route overview page, like this:

My result seems off, why?

The calculator is only as accurate as the recording device used to create the segment data. Study the elevation chart in Strava and take note what the profile looks like. Data with a "saw-tooth" profile will return a false elevation gain. If the segment you have selected looks like this, best to find another alternate recording of the segment, or create a Strava route.

You can also create a Strava route to run a calculation on. Set the start of the route at the bottom of the climb, and the finish at the top. Save the route as "public" when saving, and select "Strava Route" when entering the URL in the calculator.

Most segment and routes will return accurate results. If you know a hill is a steady climb or doesn't have any rises on the way back down, click "remove descent" to override any shown. If a segment/route shows descent gain, but you aren't sure (maybe you haven't ridden it), try exploring with the Strava route builder.

Read more about how Strava calculates elevation here.

A Strava segment showing an innacurate "sawtooth" profile.