vEveresting Hall of Fame

Hells 500 have always been about pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible on a bike in the hills. While it will never quite compare with battling the elements, under the right conditions a vEveresting goes one hellava long way to replicating it.

If you are planning on adding a vEveresting to your repertoire, you can always check out the vEveresting Rules and our tips and advice. We highly recommend you use this resource before any attempt, as there are a number of conditions that strictly must be met in order to qualify for the vEveresting Hall of Fame.

NameFirst or subsequent ascentDateClimb EverestedDistance (km)Elapsed timeElevation (m)Strava fileGender
Frank GarciaFirst13.06.2015Watopia Wall264.423:57:369,052Strava FileMale
Paul HaydenSubsequent31.07.2015Watopia Wall301.716:50:139,064Strava FileMale
Gautam SridharSubsequent10.08.2015Watopia Wall331.024:18:548,935Strava FileMale
James PringleSubsequent21.02.2016Watopia Wall337.517:56:019,054Strava FileMale
Adam KolarskiSubsequent12.03.2016Watopia Wall335.818:54:179,061Strava FileMale
Ray BrownFirst20.03.2016Epic KOM to Tower361.217:56:299,199Strava FileMale
Jim PurtellFirst21.03.2016Epic KOM to Tower256.315:33:1310,273Strava FileMale
Daniel SchmidheinyFirst22.03.2016Crossing to Tower138.907:10:228,860Strava FileMale
John DavisFirst02.05.2016Epic KOM277.026:11:009,050Strava FileMale
Gary BeazleySubsequent24.07.2016Epic KOM265.919:04:129,024Strava FileMale
Chris PelzerSubsequent08.01.2017Epic KOM to Tower219.411:00:049,012Strava FileMale
András György TormaSubsequent24.02.2017Epic KOM286.215:31:2410,401Strava FileMale
Frederico Costa PintoFirst01.07.2017Fox Hill (London)289.316:26:488,891Strava FileMale
Shaun TomlinsonSubsequent16.09.2017Epic KOM216.911:57:038,854Strava FileMale
Ty FrancisFirst23.09.2017Epic KOM205.522:25:258,860Strava FileMale
Aaron LauSubsequent29.09.2017Epic KOM to Tower227.716:35:189,030Strava FileMale
Andy van BergenSubsequent29.09.2017Epic KOM to Tower236.116:21:118945Strava FileMale
Stuart BarringtonSubsequent29.09.2017Epic KOM to Tower229.018:14:269,027Strava FileMale
Jim CrumplerSubsequent30.09.2017Epic KOM 258.021:37:518,888Strava FileMale
Shane ElliottSubsequent30.09.2017Epic KOM 258.216:39:519,001Strava FileMale
Gary BeazleySubsequent01.10.17Epic KOM360.818:39:358,877Strava FileMale
David JukesFirst01.10.17Epic KOM to covers374.019:12:078,870Strava FileMale
Shaun TomlinsonSubsequent08.11.17Crossing to Tower153.110:57:519,007Strava FileMale