Since we launched Everesting nearly eight years ago the challenge has remained free for all participants – whether you have done it once, or ten times, whether it’s a basecamp or Everesting Roam, whether it’s on foot, bike, or trainer, and whether you take 28 hours, or are setting a new record.

We have worked hard to keep everything about completing the challenge free for our crew – from the website, social discussion groups, laps calculator, in-depth guides, the tips and tricks, the lycra parties (about time we hold another one of those, right?), through to the submission process and the Everesting hall of fame. A gran fondo, cycling or running event, or sportif might cost up to hundreds of dollars each, we’ve worked hard to keep this free.

But we need your help.

Aside from the massive amount of time we both pour into Everesting submissions, answering emails and questions through social media, all the amazing community projects, the special challenges we set up, and of course all the ‘boring-but-important stuff’ behind the scenes that keeps things ticking, running Everesting actually costs a lot of our own money.

That’s why we’re asking you to help directly.

Any support you can give will directly enable us to continue to provide this incredible challenge for free to the community. It will help us to continue to inspire people from around the world. It will help us create an incredible new hall of fame for your entries. It will help us launch a killer new podcast designed to inspire, inform, and equip you. It will ensure that Everesting continues to grow far beyond the nearly 20,000 entries we currently have, and continue keep it free.

Please help us in inspiring future Everesters with your support – big or small.

From the bottom of our hearts to our amazing crew,



Andy + Tam
Everesting | Hells 500


Make a donation, and help keep Everesting free for everyone! (Note that the payment will display in $AUD in the checkout)

How many entries will the new hall of fame be able to handle?
Back when Tam and I built the current Everesting hall of fame (which was our third iteration) we made it ‘future proof’, by constructing it to hold 5,000 entries – a laughably high number at the time. Fast forward to today, and we are about to place our 20,000th entry in the hall of fame. To suggest that it is bursting at the seams is an understatement, and an ever-growing number of small things haven’t been working for a while now.


The design of the new hall of fame means that it will be as smooth and fast whether it’s the 20,000th, or 200,000th entry.

How much will it cost to build?

Creating a new hall of fame from scratch is no small feat. The building of a new database, API calls, new design, the creation of a new user interface and digital certificate, and (very!) fancy new filtering takes the skill and experience of an incredible web design and graphics team.

The cost of this project is $35,000USD.

How can I help?
Every single pledge of support goes directly to helping create this as a resource for future Everesters. This is not a small project, and that’s why we need your help.