Pick a climb ..| ..Ride 8,848m of repeats ..| ..claim an Everesting

Hells 500 has always been at the sharp end of innovation and adventure. It’s this approach that keeps us interested, excited, and constantly seeking up. It’s this approach that lead to the creation of the everesting concept.

During the 20th century’s race to be the first (first to the poles, first to cross continents, first to circumnavigate the globe solo) it was the romance of a first ascent of the world’s tallest peak that really captured the imagination of the public. Despite repeated attempts, this big jagged and craggy mountain in the high Himalayas held one over us. It was more than a mountain; it was a symbol of something so big and monumental that it soon became a yardstick, a reference, a unit of measurement for anything massive in our lives.

The first ascent of Everest in 1953 started a race. A race to claim more difficult routes, harder mountains, and less equipment used. A dozen other permutations see longer and harder records being set today.

History remembers firsts.

George Mallory had us mesmerized with his attempt to be the first to ‘Everest’ Mt Donna Buang. It was part training, part bloody-mindedness, and after several attempts he knocked out repeat after repeat until he notched up more than 8,848m.

Subsequent attempts will always count, and may be faster, but there is always only one first ascent. As more and more major climbs are eventually Everested new attempts will focus on more obscure and challenging climbs to Everest. The great thing is you can Everest a Hors Categorie icon, but a suburban staple is equally valid. Riders are limited only by their imagination — but it will always be a race to be first.

Pick a climb. Try to be first. Everest that. Digitally chisel your name into that sucker forever. Earn your Everesting grey stripe. Be recognised as one hard bastard.

This shit is serious. Don’t forget to check the rules.

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